Absolute Core software

Absolute Core software and script


DeskPhotoFrame 1.2.3

Puts picture with frame on your desktop. Frame can be semi-transparent or mouse insensitive. You can put virtually unlimited number of frames. Frame you put will determine the shape of the window where the picture is put.
Price: $9.00, Rating: 5, Downloads: 9 Download

DeskLensExp 2.0.0

Eexperimental version of DeskLensPro. Contain some extra features. Those features are undocumented. Some of them do not work correctly or do not work. In next versions of DeskLens(Pro/Exp) may appear different or may not appear at all.
Price: $24.00, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 10 Download


Highly cunstomized nonuniform magnifiers. Most of settings parameters do not have limitation by size or precision. Existed features can be mixed in new. Lenses setting can be easily exchanged with other user. Script files for advanced users.
Price: $24.00, Rating: 3, Downloads: 17 Download