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EazyCode is a Rapid Application Development tool (Data-Entry Forms Wizard) that automatically generates windows, web and mobile GUI Code in a matter of seconds from database table structure and sets of rules. Generated Code works for VS.NET 2005, 2008, an
Price: $27.00, Rating: 10, Downloads: 28 Download

EazySQL 2.0.0

Generates ready to use SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and VIEW SQL Statements and SQL Stored Procedures from table structures of MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Supports Optimistic Concurrency Control for Update, Foreign-Keys, etc.
Price: $45, Rating: 3.5, Downloads: 15 Download

SoftHype 1.0

SoftHype is a software products submission tool. Submits to 298 sites. Daily updated site database. Auto-fill product details on submission forms. Auto-fill affiliate details. Download your fully functional FREE Copy Now!!
Price: $0, Rating: 3, Downloads: 13 Download