DeliCAD software

DeliCAD software and script

DXF Works

DXF Works 1.0

DXF Works is an application that allows to extract coordinates and other various data from DXF files. You can choose which entities to process and which data to extract, creating your own file format. DXF Works can process several files at one time a
Price: $38.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 30 Download
FlashSnap for AutoCAD

FlashSnap for AutoCAD 2.1

FlashSnap is a replacement for the standard AutoCAD Object Snap dialog. FlashSnap lets you control and manage easily and fast your snap modes without the need of using the dialog box.
Price: $N/A, Rating: 9, Downloads: 16 Download

Deliview 3.1

DeliView 3.1 is a Dwg file viewer and preview extractor. It shows previews of Dwg files from version 13 to version 2005. Moreover, it can identify file version, even for file previous to version 13 and detects corrupted files.
Price: $N/A, Rating: 8, Downloads: 10 Download

RapidDXF 3.1

RapidDXF reads ASCII (text) files of coordinates and creates DXF (version 12) files of points and thier attributes. The DXF files so created are usable in many CAD software. RapidDXF can process several files at a time.
Price: $54.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 18 Download