Digital Liquid software

Digital Liquid software and script

Digital Image Tool

Digital Image Tool 3.0

Batch process images quickly, applying flexible resizing methods, rotation, cropping, scaling, watermarking, renaming, tagging and more.
Price: $0, Rating: 7, Downloads: 15 Download
Mp3 My MP3 Recorder

Mp3 My MP3 Recorder 3.1

Record internet radio, save to mp3 or wav. Record streaming audio from the internet, microphone or any other source for that matter, works directly with your system sound card sooooo... If you can HEAR can RECORD it!Rip CD Roms,batch rename.
Price: $0, Rating: 8, Downloads: 14 Download
Audio Chaos Soundscape Generator

Audio Chaos Soundscape Generator 1.0

With the right number, and combination of sounds you can create some interesting soundscape envorinments or randomly generated music that plays on and on. Audio Chaos Soundscape Generator Creates the illusion that you are there!
Price: $0, Rating: 10, Downloads: 22 Download
Liquid Saver

Liquid Saver 1.2

Not only does it save your monitor but it's a crazy (it might drive you crazy) video game as well. Try to nudge all of the bubbles into the circle as fast as you can, the game will record high scores for each session as well as best.
Price: $0, Rating: 9, Downloads: 9 Download
Babble Rock

Babble Rock 1.0

Babbling vitual pet rock! Babbles from a database of BABBLES that the world creates! You have no idea what this thing might say. Unmoderated
Price: $0, Rating: 9, Downloads: 12 Download
Just Shoot The Thing

Just Shoot The Thing 1.1

The usual blow the hell out of it fast paced shoot-em up. Features shields, bonus ships, powerups, 50 randomized Sound effects, 10 built in targets, 3 different weapons, take any image from the clipboard and use it as the target.
Price: $0, Rating: 6, Downloads: 10 Download
Auto Installer

Auto Installer 1.3

Auto Installer is great for installations! It is simple and easy to use yet very customizeable. You can incorporate background images, sound, and launch up to 3 applications afterwards plus a whole lot more!
Price: $0, Rating: 10, Downloads: 15 Download
Pong Project

Pong Project 1.2

PongProject is a multiplayer pong game for EXTREME PONG enthusiats. It includes an awesome feature allowing 1 to 3 of your friends to actually play the ball! You can play 1v1v1v1 or 2v2 and more with friends.
Price: $19.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 29 Download
Pong Solo

Pong Solo 1.1

Pong Solo is a single player pong game for the EXTREME PONG enthusiast. Extra effort was put into the game to allow for as much control over the game rules as possible,you can play against as many as 3 computers.
Price: $0, Rating: 7, Downloads: 18 Download
Soundscape Generator

Soundscape Generator 1.2

Free sound mixer for composing random ambient soundscapes
Price: $0, Rating: 9, Downloads: 1 Download