FILIGRIS WORKS software and script


DocFlex/XML 1.0

Template-driven docs/reports generator by the data from XML files. The templates are created using a graphic Template Designer basing on the data type information from DTD or XML Schema files. The output can be generated in RTF, HTML and TXT formats.
Price: $256, Rating: 6, Downloads: 13 Download

DocFlex/Javadoc 1.6.0

DocFlex/Javadoc is both a multi-format Javadoc Doclet and a tool for development of Javadoc-based high-quality Java API documentation generators in various output formats, which by their quality and complexity are equal or exceed the standard Javadoc
Price: $400, Rating: 10, Downloads: 11 Download

DocFlex/Doclet 1.6.0

Template-driven Javadoc doclet that generates classic framed JavaDoc, single-file HTML, the exceptional quality RTF with rendering of HTML tags embedded in Java comments (including images). Full support of new Java 5.0 language features. Doclet GUI.
Price: $0, Rating: 7, Downloads: 13 Download

DocFlex/XSD 1.0

An easy adjustable template-driven W3C XML Schema documentation generator in both multi-framed hypertext HTML and printable RTF formats with the support of XHTML markup embedded in XML schema annotations (including possibility to insert images)
Price: $250, Rating: 5, Downloads: 30 Download