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RunSafe 1.10

Run programs from your desktop as a Windows limited user. Drag and drop security for your Windows XP computer. Don't risk running email or web browsers as an Administrator. Protect yoruself with RunSafe
Price: $19.95, Rating: 9, Downloads: 22 Download
Burn My Files

Burn My Files 1.70

Burn a CD or DVD fast with Burn My Files. it intergrates with Windows Explorer so you can burn a DVD or CD with one click. CD/DV burning software has never been made so easy. No more wasting time creating image files before you write a CD or DVD.
Price: $19.95, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 30 Download
Repair My Excel

Repair My Excel

Repair My Excel will fixed damaged or corrupt Microsoft Excel files. Repair My Excel will allow you to open the damaged file and preview the content of the file. Repair My Excel will recover forumulas, formatting, font, colour, hyperlinks, URLs etc.
Price: $69.95, Rating: 8, Downloads: 41 Download
Recover My iPod

Recover My iPod

Recover My iPod will recover deleted or lost iPod files. Recover a frozen iPod, recover from an iPod reset, recover from an iPod Restore, or recover iPod files from an iPod "sad face" or exclamation mark icon. Easy to use. Try it now.
Price: $39.95, Rating: 8, Downloads: 33 Download
Explorer View Outlook File Previewer

Explorer View Outlook File Previewer

Attachment file previewer for Outlook. Instantly and safely view Microsoft Outlook attachments in the Outlook reading pane without leaving Outlook. View more than 100 different file types even if you do not have the creating software installed.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 7, Downloads: 34 Download
Zip Repair Pro

Zip Repair Pro 3.10

Zip Repair is a utility that will repair corrupt Zip files. "Zip Repair" creates an error free backup of your original damaged Zip file for instant access. No special skills are required to fix Zip files.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 2.5, Downloads: 39 Download
Computer Security Tool

Computer Security Tool 4.0

Unlock the secrets of Strong Computer Security. Windows installations are NOT secure. Hackers exploit security holes to gain unauthorized access. Lock down your system with the Computer Security Tool.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 34 Download
Smart Media Data Recovery

Smart Media Data Recovery 2.80

Smart Meida Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery program to recover deleted photos including JPEG, NEF, TIFF, BMP, MOV, MPEG, WAV. Use on Smart Media SD and XD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, floppy disks, Zip disk, USB drives and hard drives.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 3.5, Downloads: 25 Download
Explorer View - File Viewer

Explorer View - File Viewer 3.40

Preview file fast from within Windows Explorer. ExplorerView is an add on feature to Microsofts Windows Explorer that allows a full instant preview of documents, picutres, movies and graphics from a window within Windows Explorer.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 3.5, Downloads: 34 Download
Repair My Backup for BKF files

Repair My Backup for BKF files 2.36

Repair damaged or corrupt Microsoft Backup (.BKF) files. Repair My Backup is a fast and easy to use program to obtain access to corrupt BKF files. Download the demo version now to determine if you can access your corrupt Microsoft Backup file.
Price: $149.95, Rating: 2.5, Downloads: 9 Download
Recover My Email

Recover My Email

Mail recovery software for Outlook and Outlook Express
Price: $ 89.95, Rating: 7, Downloads: 38 Download
Recover My Files

Recover My Files

Recover deleted files. FREE Preview!
Price: $ 69.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 29 Download