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Scheduling Employees

Scheduling Employees 4.0

To schedule employees and print out weekly schedules. Track time and labor costs by the hour and week as you schedule. Knows when the employee is available for work. This program is often used in Restaurants and Retail stores.
Price: $119.99, Rating: 8, Downloads: 17 Download
Picture Timeclock

Picture Timeclock 4.3.0

Have your employees clock in and out with the options to: Take their picture. Greet them with messages. Use the internal or Scheduling Employees 2000 database. Report tips on clocking out. Local language translations.
Price: $.00, Rating: 8, Downloads: 16 Download
Universal Resource Scheduler

Universal Resource Scheduler 2.5

Universal Resource Scheduler, is an easy to use visual three dimensional scheduler. The purpose of the program is to assign a User to a Resource for a specific amout of time.
Price: $137.50, Rating: 6, Downloads: 29 Download
Employee Scheduling Assistant 2000

Employee Scheduling Assistant 2000 2.2

For businesses that have mostly full-time employees. The program keeps track of vacations, shift assignments and rotations. Print out weekly or monthly schedules. This program is often used by Corporations, Hospitals and Police departments.
Price: $68.50, Rating: 10, Downloads: 8 Download