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Easy Watermark Creator

Easy Watermark Creator 3.6

Easy Watermark Creator is easy-to-use tool for adding visible watermarks to your pictures and photos. Watermarks can contain text (phrase, file name and number), image, date (current values or from EXIF), and can be solid or semi-transparent.
Price: $29.00, Rating: 9, Downloads: 15 Download
Animation EffectBox

Animation EffectBox 1.4

Animation EffectBox creates GIF and AVI animations on the base of predefined effects. You define sequence and parameters of separate effects to get peerless animations quickly and easy. Also you can create GIF and AVI-files in batch mode.
Price: $25.00, Rating: 5, Downloads: 17 Download

MakeGIF 2.5

MakeGIF creates animated GIFs from command line in batch mode. You can use pictures created by MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop and dozens of others programs. MakeGIF has optimization tools for making your GIFs smaller. You can add hidden signatures to GIF.
Price: $23.00, Rating: 5, Downloads: 15 Download
Easy Frame Creator

Easy Frame Creator 2.3

Easy Frame Creator is intended for quick and easy creation of image frames and unique collages on basis of prepared templates. Re-sizing, image rotation, different frame forms and styles, effects for image and texture, simultaneous use several frames
Price: $23.00, Rating: 6, Downloads: 39 Download
Easy 3D Objects

Easy 3D Objects 1.0

Easy 3D Objects is intended for creation of 3D GIF- animations, banners, illustrations for the Web and presentation materials. You can use different types of objects, assign animation paths to objects, fill objects by color or texture and more...
Price: $29.25, Rating: 9.65, Downloads: 23 Download
Easy Button Creator

Easy Button Creator 2.4

Easy Button Creator is intended for easy creation of 3D buttons on basis of prepared templates. You can edit parameters of the button,caption,light source,shade and save created image to GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG. Also you can create your own templates.
Price: $23.00, Rating: 5, Downloads: 13 Download
Easy Banner Creator

Easy Banner Creator 3.1

Easy-to-use tool for creation of animated or static banners
Price: $25.00, Rating: 10, Downloads: 14 Download
GPR Reports

GPR Reports 2.2

Create reports about GPR surveys
Price: $39.00, Rating: 9, Downloads: 1 Download