Infralution software

Infralution software and script

Infralution Virtual Data Objects

Infralution Virtual Data Objects 1.4

Virtual Data Objects enables you to get the best of both worlds - the simplicity and flexibility of traditional ADO programming with power of .NET data binding.
Price: $80, Rating: 9, Downloads: 10 Download
Virtual Tree

Virtual Tree 4.1

Combined Tree/ListView for .NET with advanced data binding capabilities and unmatched performance displaying large data sources.
Price: $190, Rating: 8, Downloads: 12 Download
Infralution Licensing System

Infralution Licensing System 4.7

Infralution Licensing System (ILS) is an affordable, 100% .NET solution for licensing components and applications using secure encrypted license keys.
Price: $170, Rating: 8, Downloads: 48 Download
Infralution IPN.NET

Infralution IPN.NET 1.1

Infralution IPN.NET provides a complete ASP.NET solution for automating your purchasing and product licensing system using PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) mechanism.
Price: $90, Rating: 9, Downloads: 9 Download
Infraluation Globalizer

Infraluation Globalizer

Software for localizing software built using Microsoft's .NET development platform
Price: $150.00, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 1 Download