J. Hepple, Inc. DBA Fx, Sound and Magic software

J. Hepple, Inc. DBA Fx, Sound and Magic software and script

Fx Movie Joiner

Fx Movie Joiner 6.2.11

Join videos of various size, type and frame rate with still images then save your joined video as a new AVI, Windows Media, Real Media or MPEG movie. Supported input file types include Windows Media, AVI and MPEG formats.
Price: $30.00, Rating: 9, Downloads: 16 Download
Fx Video Converter

Fx Video Converter 7.51.23

The free version will convert WMV, AVI and MPEG to AVI, MPEG, Windows Media or Real Media. The pro version also supports VCD, MPEG-2 and DVD.
Price: $30.00, Rating: 5, Downloads: 12 Download
Fx Image Manager

Fx Image Manager 8.1.21

Fx Image Manager 8 will provide you with a tool to save your favorite images to a database and distribute the database and a slide show player to your friends and family.
Price: $0, Rating: 9, Downloads: 17 Download
Fx Splitter and Trimmer

Fx Splitter and Trimmer 6.4.9

Fx, Movie Splitter and Trimmer is a tool that enables you to save sections from an existing movie file to a new AVI, MPEG, Real Media or Windows Media file. Supported input file types include AVI, MPEG, Windows Media and sQuick-Time.
Price: $19.50, Rating: 6, Downloads: 8 Download
Fx Magic Music

Fx Magic Music 5.7.13

Create Redbook CD-A audio CD's that can be played in any stand alone CD or DVD player or MP3 CD's to be played in MP3 players or on a computer. You can create Data CD's in ISO 9960 format to store or backup any files or folders on your computer. Rre
Price: $29.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 16 Download
Fx Audio Editor Series 4

Fx Audio Editor Series 4 4.7.13

Whether you are a serious audiophile or you just want to quickly rip a CD or convert between digital audio formats, Fx Audio Editor can do the job for you.
Price: $39.95, Rating: 7, Downloads: 10 Download
Fx Audio Editor

Fx Audio Editor 3.1.1

Visually play, record, edit or convert most sound file formats. Add special effects and apply filters. Supported file type include: WAV PCM, Compressed WAV, MP2, MP3, VOX, WMA, CDA and others.
Price: $39.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 18 Download
Fx Audio Tools

Fx Audio Tools 7.3.7

Audio converter, CD Audio ripper, sound recorder, audio file player, audio file transformer, joiner and splitter.
Price: $19.50, Rating: 6, Downloads: 14 Download
Fx Joiner and Splitter

Fx Joiner and Splitter 6.2.11

Join AVI or MPEG movies with various size and frame rate with still images. Save your project as a new AVI or MPEG movie. Join sound files and/or movie sound tracks an save as WAV, MP1 or MP2 audio.
Price: $39.50, Rating: 9, Downloads: 20 Download
Fx MPEG Writer

Fx MPEG Writer 9.8.0

Convert AVI, MPEG, ASF and WMV files to MPEG-1 and VCD extensions.. The free demo version supports only MPEG-1 output but has no time limit.
Price: $19.50, Rating: 8, Downloads: 15 Download
Fx New Sound Movie Audio Replacer

Fx New Sound Movie Audio Replacer 5.1.3

You can easily replace the garbled, random sound in your home movies with music or narration or add sound to silent movies using this movie audio replacement tool.
Price: $19.50, Rating: 10, Downloads: 13 Download