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Simple DNS Plus

Simple DNS Plus 6.0.118

The simple yet powerful DNS server for Windows. With Simple DNS Plus you can hosts your own domain name, or simply speed up Internet access by running your own DNS server.
Price: $79, Rating: 10, Downloads: 42 Download
Simple Failover

Simple Failover 1.21

Keep your web shop open with Simple Failover. The concept really is simple.Iit continuously monitors your servers to find out which are up and which are down, and then it dynamically updates your DNS records accordingly.
Price: $89, Rating: 5, Downloads: 14 Download
IE Timeout Tuner

IE Timeout Tuner 1.00

This tool can adjust 3 'hidden' registry settings of Internet Explorer to control caching of DNS records, server connection timeout, and caching of server information.
Price: $0.00, Rating: 9, Downloads: 31 Download
TSIG Key Generator

TSIG Key Generator 1.00

This tool can generate a TSIG key value (base64) very easily. TSIG is a secure method of authenticating clients making dynamic DNS update requests. The key value generation functionality is already built into Simple DNS Plus and Simple Failover.
Price: $0.00, Rating: 4, Downloads: 9 Download