Kalmstrom.nu Outlook Solutions software

Kalmstrom.nu Outlook Solutions software and script

Calendar Browser

Calendar Browser 7

Book resources and supplies as easily as you make an appointment in the Outlook Calendar. For Outlook and Exchange server. Multiple calendars can be shown. Resource descriptions saved in public folders or shared mailboxes. Overview. Statistics tool.
Price: $2200, Rating: 7, Downloads: 12 Download

NameDays 4

Adds the name days of many countries to your Calendar. Simply select the country for which you want to add the name days and import or subscribe to the file. Demos online show you how to do it.
Price: $0, Rating: 6, Downloads: 31 Download
Outlook TimeCard

Outlook TimeCard 3

Complete Outlook-based time reporting for single users or work groups. Outlook TimeCard is powerful, yet easy to use Outlook 2000 or newer solution that adds time-reporting functionality to your Outlook Calendar
Price: $500, Rating: 6, Downloads: 23 Download
SharePoint Attachements

SharePoint Attachements 1

Outlook can be configured to publish files directly to a SharePoint site instead of sending the file as an attachement with this add-on. This allows you to make better use of your intranet and your Exchange server.
Price: $25, Rating: 9, Downloads: 19 Download
Excel OLAP Tool

Excel OLAP Tool 2.0

Extends the built in OLAP features in Excel to make them easier work with, especially for workgroups. Users can share customized reports easily. Either display a graph or a table or combinations of both. Choose between all the Excel graph types.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 15 Download
Public Folder HelpDesk

Public Folder HelpDesk 11.3

Collaborate on helpdesk tickets in Outlook. Create tickets from email or web form, manually or automatically. Attached files and rich text. Sort tickets. Iinformation from Contacts or GAL. For public folder or shared mailbox. E-mail history, FAQ.
Price: $1800, Rating: 9, Downloads: 22 Download