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32-bit AudioPlus

32-bit AudioPlus 2.00c

"AudioPLUS" is an easy-to-use and greatly looking MP3 Player aimed to playback audio files in the following formats: *.MP3, *.MP2, *.WAV, *.L3, *.L2 and *.ATX. Plus, it supports playlist files.
Price: $19.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 13 Download
! AudioPlus

! AudioPlus 2.00c

AudioPLUS is a great looking and easy-to-use MP3 Player. The following audio file formats are supported: *.MP3, *.MP2, *.WAV, *.L3, *.L2 and *.ATX. This program lets you easily create and edit playlists.
Price: $19.99, Rating: 5, Downloads: 27 Download
! Picture-Desk Batch Converter

! Picture-Desk Batch Converter 1.3a

This is an advanced This is a tool for batch conversion of graphic files with lot of image processing features like leveling RGB, HSL, brightness, contrast, gamma and so on?
Price: $49.99, Rating: 3.5, Downloads: 12 Download
! Photo-Lux Image Viewer

! Photo-Lux Image Viewer 3.6c

Photo-Lux is an easy-to-use but powerful and fast image viewer and more.
Price: $39.99, Rating: 5, Downloads: 17 Download
! Easy FlashMaker (SWF Creator)

! Easy FlashMaker (SWF Creator) 1.4c

Easy FlashMaker is a tool to create simple Macromedia Flash Movies (SWF files) quickly and easily. We have tried to make this process as simple and convenient as possible.
Price: $49.99, Rating: 4, Downloads: 26 Download
! GIF2SWF Converter

! GIF2SWF Converter 1.2c

GIF2SWF Converter is a simple utility to convert animated GIF files into Macromedia Flash Movies (SWF). Command line conversion is supported - it would be great for the Web servers. The output SWF movie can be linked to the specified URL.
Price: $39.99, Rating: 5, Downloads: 21 Download

! AVI2SWF 1.5a

AVI2SWF Converter is a simple utility to convert AVI, MPG, MOV or WMV video movies into Macromedia Flash video (SWF or FLV).The output SWF movie can be created with or without built-in customizable playback panel and with or without preloader.
Price: $49.99, Rating: 5, Downloads: 15 Download
Multi-Page TIFF Editor

Multi-Page TIFF Editor

Multi-Page TIFF Editor is a complete solution for creating, viewing, editing and converting multi-page TIFF files.
Price: $39.99, Rating: 2.5, Downloads: 44 Download
! Aesop GIF Creator

! Aesop GIF Creator 2.0c

Aesop is a powerful tool that allows you to create animated GIF images (banners, buttons, labels and headings) for web-sites and even GIF wallpapers for mobile phones quickly and easily.
Price: $39.99, Rating: 3.5, Downloads: 34 Download
32-bit Picture-Desk Batch Converter

32-bit Picture-Desk Batch Converter 1.1

Advanced graphic batch converter.
Price: $ 39.98, Rating: 7, Downloads: 12 Download
32-bit Photo-Lux Image Viewer

32-bit Photo-Lux Image Viewer 3.3

Compact and powerful image viewer
Price: $ 29.99, Rating: 8, Downloads: 5 Download
32-bit Aesop GIF Creator

32-bit Aesop GIF Creator 1.5

Multi-frame GIF Creator.
Price: $ 29.99, Rating: 7, Downloads: 17 Download