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Sniff - O - Matic

Sniff - O - Matic 1.07

Sniff - O - Matic is a network protocol analyzer and packet sniffer with a clear and intuitive interface. It can capture network traffic and enables you to analyze the data. Detailed packet information is available in a tree structure.
Price: $25, Rating: 10, Downloads: 16 Download
Service - O - Matic

Service - O - Matic 3.00

Service - O - Matic enables you to run almost any windows application as a windows service. Take advantage of the windows service system and run your application in the background, even when no user is logged on. No need to adjust your application
Price: $25, Rating: 7, Downloads: 26 Download
Watchdog - O - Matic

Watchdog - O - Matic 5.02.1097

Watchdog - O - Matic is a software watchdog that monitors and diagnoses any program you want. Watchdog - O - Matic will automatically solve any problems the monitored application encounters and it will restart the program if it crashes or hangs.
Price: $35, Rating: 4, Downloads: 16 Download
Gravitational Lensing

Gravitational Lensing 1.00

With this program, one can draw images to see the effect of gravitational lensing. You can easily test the effects of several parameters by changing them and redrawing the image.
Price: $0, Rating: 4, Downloads: 9 Download