Lanmisoft software

Lanmisoft software and script



Font manager and viewer for Windows
Price: $ 18, Rating: 8, Downloads: 63 Download

NiceTextEditor 1.3

TextEditor with "flash" interface
Price: $ 12, Rating: 7, Downloads: 20 Download
Lanmisoft Home Automation

Lanmisoft Home Automation

An advanced and efficient software utility whose main function is to offer you a way of managing PC controlled relays and sensors
Price: $35.00, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 1 Download
Font Matching Tool

Font Matching Tool 2.0.1

Ever wanted to find a font just like the one used in logos, newspapers or book titles? This tool will browse trough your system fonts, folders or database to find this font.
Price: $30, Rating: 0, Downloads: 0 Download

ComPort2Keyboard 1.0.0

A fast and easy to use serial port to keyboard redirector
Price: $25.00, Rating: 4, Downloads: 1 Download