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BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator 1.6.1

Your body mass index (BMI) can be a general indicator of your general health. This calculator, which is written in Cocoa and therefore Mac OS X native, will take imperial and metric heights and weights and calculate your BMI.
Price: $0, Rating: 9, Downloads: 12 Download
Power on X

Power on X 1.6.5

Statistical power calculator
Price: $30, Rating: 7, Downloads: 22 Download

webSiteCleaner 1.2.1

WebSiteCleaner removes unnecessary characters from html files, and prepares jpeg and gif files for use on the web.
Price: $14.95, Rating: 6, Downloads: 13 Download

quickWebAlbum 1.7.1

Create quick web albums and slide shows
Price: $19.95, Rating: 5, Downloads: 5 Download

mailMaker 1.2.1

mailMaker is a personalized mass email generator
Price: $15, Rating: 7, Downloads: 12 Download
Web Photos

Web Photos 1.3

Create web/CD-based photo albums/image libraries
Price: $15, Rating: 6, Downloads: 11 Download

JPEGCleaner 1.6.1

JPEGCleaner removes resource forks and meta-data from jpegs for email
Price: $14.95, Rating: 3, Downloads: 20 Download
Tunes Menu

Tunes Menu 1.4

Menu-based CD search from iTunes
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 18 Download