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My Command Button ActiveX

My Command Button ActiveX 5.16

Create full featured buttons in all styles (Vista, XP, Office 2007 and 2007, gradient, IE, shaped) that support all color themes in all Windows versions. The tool enables you to make all buttons either standard, toggle or dropdown buttons.
Price: $59, Rating: 5, Downloads: 30 Download
Automatic Print Email

Automatic Print Email 4.40

This software checks at regular interval your e-mailbox and automatically prints the new emails and attachments (file joined like FAX, acrobat PDF, Word, Excel, Photos, TIFF,... ) without downloading them in your mail software...
Price: $69, Rating: 10, Downloads: 15 Download
WinPopup ActiveX

WinPopup ActiveX 1.04

WinPopup ActiveX solves the problem of exchange data between your applications on the local area network (or in local computer) without any server. Simple to use, it also manages the Windows XP firewall.
Price: $69, Rating: 6, Downloads: 19 Download
My Frame Panel ActiveX

My Frame Panel ActiveX 2.01

This frame let you create appealing visual styles to your applications in all Windows versions. All new default styles (XP, XP dark, Vista, Office 2003 and Media Player 10) and themes are supported (blue, olive, silver,...). Source Code available...
Price: $59, Rating: 10, Downloads: 9 Download
Capture My Screen

Capture My Screen 1.03

Capture a screen, with professional quality, has never been so easy to realize, a particular window, a region or the totality of the screen, you immediately obtain a result to be saved, printed or directly to be use in your daily software.
Price: $14.99, Rating: 5, Downloads: 31 Download
My Screen Capture ActiveX

My Screen Capture ActiveX 1.32

This control let you capture screen in 5 ways (Full screen, Active window, predefined region, manual region, specific window) and getting instant result in memory. Some options are availables to save the screen on disk and/or send it to clipboard...
Price: $49, Rating: 8, Downloads: 4 Download
My WinPopup Express

My WinPopup Express 2009.02

WinPopup Express let you send and exchange messages within your local network. Secure (not connected to the internet), reliable and easily accessible, this software is available for all versions of Windows...
Price: $2.20, Rating: 10, Downloads: 17 Download
Automatic Email Manager

Automatic Email Manager 5.17.5444.16609

Handy application to receive emails and attachments automatically on your printer, on disk, or converted in PDF
Price: $79.00, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 1 Download