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Tomahawk PDF+

Tomahawk PDF+ 2.7.7

Tomahawk PDF+ - state of the art word processing suite with the ability to save as PDF! Tomahawk can be used as to edit rtf, txt, tmd and other file formats. Multi-language, Spell check. This is the freeware version of our Tomahawk Gold software.
Price: $0, Rating: 9, Downloads: 15 Download

TomahawkGold 3.6.3

Tomahawk Gold - state of the art word processing suite - load and save as PDF! Tomahawk can edit rtf, txt, ctd, xml, tmd and other formats. Multi-language, Thumbnail Wizard, Charts, Mail Merge, Spell check. Form fields! N-Up printing.
Price: $39.95, Rating: 9, Downloads: 50 Download
FlexiDoc Designer

FlexiDoc Designer 1.0 Build2

Easily create great looking mailing labels, business cards, flyers, newsletters and a whole lot more. Connect to a database of names and automate your mailing labels! 1,300 label formats supported.
Price: $49.95, Rating: 9, Downloads: 25 Download
NativeWinds Database Manager

NativeWinds Database Manager 1.1.5

NativeWinds Database Manager allows you to create databases to keep track of all your vital information, address lists, phone numbers, images, RTF and TMD files, contacts lists, etc. You can create complex reports, labels, and personalized letters.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 7, Downloads: 28 Download
PDF Wizard

PDF Wizard 1.1.1

PDFWiz is a handy pdf management tool that lets you create, merge, insert watermarks, insert and append pages, delete pages, extract pages to a seperate file. Wizard interface. Improved password handling. Recognizes more url types.
Price: $9.95, Rating: 8, Downloads: 17 Download
EzCalc Pro

EzCalc Pro 2.0

EzCalc Pro just may be the most feature rich scientific calculator you have ever seen! Mind boggling capabilities with Integrated Spreadsheet and 3D Plotter!
Price: $19.95, Rating: 8, Downloads: 13 Download
InfoQuik PIM

InfoQuik PIM 1.2

InfoQuik PIM has been designed as a complete PIM solution, especially for those who use more than one computer, or travel often. InfoQuik PIM can even be run from a USB stick, diminishing the need for synchronizations.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 9, Downloads: 11 Download
PDF Page Saver

PDF Page Saver 1.0

PDF Page Saver software is a simple and affordable extraction tool that facilitates the reuse of PDF files by enabling you to extract pages from PDF files and save them in several different formats.
Price: $49.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 11 Download
IPrint Pro

IPrint Pro 2.1

The NativeWinds IPrint program is a photo package printing and management tool that can be used to print most common (and some not so common) image formats. Add captions to calendar photos. Easily crop, rotate, adjust colors, apply special effects.
Price: $0, Rating: 3, Downloads: 8 Download
PDF StampIt

PDF StampIt 1.0

Easily stamp pdf files from command line parameters for automated watermarking of Pdf files. Multiple configurations can be saved. Call from a dos batch file, the dos prompt or a program that allows you to enter command line parameters.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 12 Download
Ultimate File Tools

Ultimate File Tools

Scan for junk files, Rename files, Delete files - securely and permanently, Backup (and later, Restore) files,Search in text files, binary files and archives. Split Files.
Price: $0, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 13 Download