Novel Games Limited software

Novel Games Limited software and script

N Piece Tangram

N Piece Tangram 1.1.0

Play different variations of tangram (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 pieces), more than 270 different puzzles.
Price: $19.98, Rating: 6, Downloads: 17 Download
Bricks Squasher

Bricks Squasher 1.7.1

This nice remake of the classic arkanoid game is guaranteed to be fun. Come and play it now!
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 32 Download

Arrows 1.1.0

Swap the two colours. This short puzzle game is also known as Lucas' problem.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 10 Download

Asteroids 1.7.0

Break the asteroids into small pieces until you destroy them. Beware of the UFO's also!
Price: $, Rating: 6, Downloads: 20 Download
Nonogram Deluxe

Nonogram Deluxe 1.1.0

Use your logical thinking to recreate a hidden picture based on the given hints. More than 560 nonogram puzzles.
Price: $19.98, Rating: 2.5, Downloads: 18 Download
Cup Stacking

Cup Stacking 1.7.0

Use both hands and your ten fingers to type the keys and stack the cups.
Price: $, Rating: 3, Downloads: 13 Download
Disc Battle

Disc Battle 1.8.0

How good are your reflexes? Come and play this indoor sports game with the computer!
Price: $, Rating: 4, Downloads: 17 Download
Math Search

Math Search 1.8.0

Solve the equation and search for the answer.
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 35 Download
Alien Intruders

Alien Intruders 1.8.1

Play this all time classics with new weapons and special monsters!
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 30 Download

Maze 2.12.0

Play randomly generated mazes in this online game.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 20 Download
Minesweeper Variants

Minesweeper Variants 1.1.0

Play this minesweeper game with more than 50 variants with different tessellation patterns!
Price: $19.98, Rating: 5, Downloads: 13 Download
Hovercraft Racing

Hovercraft Racing 1.9.1

Come and participate in this hovercraft racing championship!
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 21 Download
Hex Mines

Hex Mines 1.9.0

Play a hex version of the minesweeper game online
Price: $, Rating: 6, Downloads: 18 Download
Flip It

Flip It 1.7.0

Flip all the stones to the other side. Come and play this challenging mind game!
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 19 Download
Coin Weighing

Coin Weighing 2.10.1

Play the role of an ancient wise man finding the fake coin for the kings.
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 23 Download
Knight Switch

Knight Switch 1.5.0

Challenge your mind with this simple and yet difficult game. It has 5 levels.
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 17 Download

Lightning 1.9.1

Press the button in lightning speed! Come and play this addictive little game to test your reaction time!
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 19 Download

Mahjongg 1.9.0

Match tiles to remove them in this classic game. Can you find a match within the large board?
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 26 Download
Mouse and Cat

Mouse and Cat 1.8.0

Help little mouse escape from the cat and the water.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 28 Download

Squares 1.8.0

These blocks will disappear when they form squares. Come and see how far you can get.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 14 Download

Puzzle 2.13.0

Play a classic sliding puzzle game online.
Price: $, Rating: 8, Downloads: 20 Download
Double Snake

Double Snake 2.13.0

Tired of snake games? How about two snakes at once?
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 17 Download
Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins 1.8.0

Stack these halloween pumpkins together to destroy them.
Price: $, Rating: 8, Downloads: 17 Download
Ghost Man Advanced

Ghost Man Advanced 2.2.2

Control Ghost Man travel through complicated mazes and defeat ghosts in this remake of the classic game.
Price: $, Rating: 6.5, Downloads: 20 Download

Save 1.8.1

Save civilians from a war in this online strategy game!
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 16 Download
Space Shoot

Space Shoot 2.13.0

Play this simple shooting game to pass your time.
Price: $, Rating: 6, Downloads: 13 Download
Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest 1.1.0

Find treasures by quick moves and magic spells. This non violent action game is suitable for everyone.
Price: $19.98, Rating: 6, Downloads: 15 Download
The Typing of the Ghosts

The Typing of the Ghosts 2.15.0

The ghosts are coming! Type quickly to destroy them!
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 26 Download
Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts 1.5.0

Help Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts to the houses! Can you put the gifts right into the chimneys?
Price: $, Rating: 5.8, Downloads: 19 Download

Twins 1.6.0

Match twin balls of the same colour using a line. It's a race against time!
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 23 Download
Lineup Four

Lineup Four 1.5.1

Come and play this classic strategy game with the computer.
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 25 Download
Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs 1.5.0

Line up Easter eggs four by four in this addictive game.
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 24 Download

Soccer 1.5.0

Come and play this exciting three men soccer game with the computer!
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 23 Download
Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers 1.7.0

Play this acient game of Chinese Checkers with the computer.
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 24 Download
Musical Notes

Musical Notes 1.5.1

Test your fluence with musical notes with this game.
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 23 Download
Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets 1.4.0

Catch the bride's bouquet and have good luck!
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 22 Download
Christmas Tree Light Up

Christmas Tree Light Up 1.4.0

Solve the puzzle and light up the Christmas Tree!
Price: $, Rating: 8, Downloads: 32 Download
Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage

Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage 1.4.0

Help the man move the wolf, sheep and cabbage to the opposite shore.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 32 Download
Missionaries and Cannibals

Missionaries and Cannibals 1.4.0

Move the missionaries and the cannibals to the opposite shore. Don't let the cannibals eat the missionaries!
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 19 Download
Rotate Puzzle

Rotate Puzzle 1.3.0

Rotate the pieces to restore the original puzzle. Are you clever enough to solve the puzzle without looking at the tips?
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 16 Download
Little Mess

Little Mess 1.5.0

Do you have the patience and wisedom to clean up the mess? Play this game and find out.
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 47 Download
Jumping Arrows

Jumping Arrows 1.4.0

Jump and jump as quickly as possible to get the treasure! How fast can you press and react?
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 28 Download
Bridge Crossing

Bridge Crossing 1.4.0

Use your intelligence to help these people cross the bridge before the lamp runs out.
Price: $, Rating: 8, Downloads: 20 Download
Word Search

Word Search 1.4.0

Search for the word with a given meaning.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 24 Download
Moving Memory

Moving Memory 1.3.0

The classic matching memory game with a twist - the cards will move!
Price: $, Rating: 7, Downloads: 23 Download
The Eight Queens

The Eight Queens 1.3.0

Put the 8 queens on the board without the queens capturing each other.
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 19 Download
Greedy Knight

Greedy Knight 1.4.0

Help the knight to collect all the coins.
Price: $, Rating: 6, Downloads: 13 Download
Novel Matchsticks

Novel Matchsticks 1.1

Play computer generated matchstick puzzles.
Price: $ 9.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 20 Download
Pumpkin Mania

Pumpkin Mania

Stack pumpkins together and destroy them.
Price: $ 19.95, Rating: 7, Downloads: 25 Download
Word Scramble

Word Scramble

Rearrange letters into meaningful words.
Price: $0, Rating: 10, Downloads: 22 Download