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Magazine Organizer PS Bombay

Magazine Organizer PS Bombay 4.1

Organize magazines, periodicals, articles, authors and...the easy way.With Magazine Organizer PS Bombay you can store and retrieve detailed information for authors, articles, subscriptions and magazine publishers along with the contact info for the
Price: $24.99, Rating: 8, Downloads: 38 Download
CardFile Pegasus

CardFile Pegasus 6.0

This handy little PIM has stood the test of time and can still handle your data storage needs. CardFile Pegasus can store all of your data, from secret lovers to hot numbers to cook recipes to website links and email addresses.Keep your data under
Price: $19.99, Rating: 6, Downloads: 24 Download
ASL Logbook

ASL Logbook 3.1

ASL Logbook is a program designed and developed for organizing and enhancing play of the Advanced Squad Leader game system. It administers and organizes your scenarios, products, publishers, documents and contacts. Create a SL and rate your skills
Price: $19.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 19 Download
Baseball Stats

Baseball Stats 6.0

Everything you wanted to know, and even information you didn't know you needed to know, about professional baseball in America. Major League Baseball Stats gives you access to a complete and very comprehensive database covering all the aspects of pro
Price: $0, Rating: 9, Downloads: 38 Download
DataSafe PS Net

DataSafe PS Net 3.0

Backup, store and archive your data to a safe and secure location of your choice. DataSafe PS Net will backup all the data of your choosing and prevent its loss due to hardware failure, natural catastrophe or user experience. It also makes a great to
Price: $19.99, Rating: 9, Downloads: 11 Download
Lotto King

Lotto King 4.0

Increase your odds of hitting the jackpot with The Lotto King, a small but powerful lotto software tool that lets you manipulate your favorite lottery numbers.This dynamic little program will give you hours of fun and enjoyment as you try to beat
Price: $19.97, Rating: 10, Downloads: 19 Download
CardFile PS Net

CardFile PS Net 6.1

Keep your professional and personal data centralized and easy to retrieve with PinderSoft's CardFile PS Net - Professional Information Manager. From CD keys to business contacts to passwords, registration numbers and more, CardFile PS Net keeps your
Price: $24.99, Rating: 9, Downloads: 14 Download
PinderSoft WhiteBoard 2008

PinderSoft WhiteBoard 2008 6.0.402.xxxxx

WhiteBoard PS - this cool little utility is your own personal White Board. Write on it, mark it up. Scrawl down your notes and important things to do so when you're sitting at your monitor so you don't forget those things you got to do! Put it in you
Price: $, Rating: 6, Downloads: 21 Download

WallPaperPlus 4.2

Is your PC suffering from 'Dull Desktop? Then pump new life into your PC with WallPaper Plus desktop wallpaper changer! Make your Desktop Active... Simple to use. Easy to handle. This desktop wallpaper changer keeps your desktop in a state of motion
Price: $9.99, Rating: 9, Downloads: 21 Download
Web Resources PS

Web Resources PS 4.0

Organize your internet surfing and websites with Web Resources PS. Web Resources PS is a database program keep track of your favorite websites. Use it to supplement or replace the Favorite folder of your internet browser. It is browser independent.
Price: $19.95, Rating: 5, Downloads: 12 Download
Birthday Organizer

Birthday Organizer 5.2

Never forget a birthday or an important date with Birthday Organizer. Stay informed of all approaching dates, events, and othere special occasions. Yes, birthdays are important, still. Avoid the embarrassment of forgetting one and feeling like a fool
Price: $19.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 34 Download
Source Code Organizer PS

Source Code Organizer PS 2.0

Source Code Organizer PS is your library for organizing and storing software source code. It doesn't matter what type of language you program in, Source Code Organizer PS will keep it safe and secure until you need to use it again. It has several
Price: $19.99, Rating: 5, Downloads: 26 Download
Writers Project Organizer

Writers Project Organizer 3.1

Writers Project Organizer-ideal for novels, works of nonfiction, short stories and screenplays, from first draft to polished product. All the Organizer your writing needs...Writers Project Organizer is manuscript orientated software for writers. Writ
Price: $29.99, Rating: 9, Downloads: 18 Download
Floating Clock

Floating Clock 3.1

Floating Clock PS is a freeware clock, calendar program designed to run on the top of your desktop. There are ten settings you can choose to run, from Long Date to Long Time and all the settings in between. This is a no-thrills, no-frills program,
Price: $00.00, Rating: 2.5, Downloads: 14 Download
MiniNotes 2007

MiniNotes 2007 3.0

MiniNotes is a 10 page text editor to organize notes while you work at your desktop. It was originally designed as a software development tool, someplace where you could keep a multiple of text files organized while you work.But you can do more wi
Price: $00.00, Rating: 3.5, Downloads: 13 Download
PS Bombay

PS Bombay 4.0

Organize magazines, articles, authors and sub
Price: $ 19.95, Rating: 8, Downloads: 12 Download
The Lotto King

The Lotto King 4.0

Increase your odds of hitting the jackpot wit
Price: $ 19.97, Rating: 7, Downloads: 35 Download