QFIT software

QFIT software and script

CVBasic Blackjack

CVBasic Blackjack 1.0

Blackjack Basic Strategy practice software with Ultra-real 3D graphics from hundreds of actual photographs of professional Blackjack equipment
Price: $10, Rating: 10, Downloads: 11 Download
Casino Verite Blackjack

Casino Verite Blackjack 3.01

Blackjack practice software. Over 500 parameters, Casino Data Base with 740 real casinos. Real shuffle, expert methods, tournament play, 35 drills, ultra-realistic 3D casino play. Casino maps of LV, AC and 17 states. Over 400 card counting tables.
Price: $90, Rating: 6, Downloads: 9 Download
Dan Gordon's NFL Handicapping Companion

Dan Gordon's NFL Handicapping Companion 7.0

Automatic updates of NFL Football handicapping data from the Web, auto-download of subjective adjustments by one of the 3 top handicappers and the ability to experiment with changes to the calculations and assumptions.
Price: $90, Rating: 5, Downloads: 22 Download
CVData Blackjack Simulator

CVData Blackjack Simulator 4.0

CVData and CVCX blackjack simulators and calculators provide blackjack massive statistics. Up to 60,000 stats and 250 page reports can be generated. Optimal betting is calculated to improve results and lower risk. 50,000 pre-run sims are included.
Price: $160, Rating: 3, Downloads: 23 Download
CV Pai Gow Poker

CV Pai Gow Poker 1.1

Pai Gow Poker practice software using strategies by Stanford Wong
Price: $28, Rating: 3.5, Downloads: 15 Download