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SESTEK software and script

Music Tutor

Music Tutor 1.0

Music Tutor is an application for a user to train his/her own voice. The main purpose of this software is to analyze voice data gathered from the microphone and display the results in real-time, so that the user may appraise his/her voice.
Price: $49.99, Rating: 8, Downloads: 25 Download
Easy Transcriber

Easy Transcriber 1.0

Easy Transcriber is a software tool for your transcription or dictation purposes. By using Easy Transcriber, you can transcribe the sound recordings of your interviews, surveys, medical reports etc. easier and faster than ever.
Price: $49.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 42 Download

Vodi 3.0

Vodi is a tool for modifying pitch, timbre, duration and adding audio effects. Vodi supports independent pitch and timbre modification in the real sense as opposed to other software tools for voice modification.
Price: $19.99, Rating: 9.76, Downloads: 17 Download