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DriveCrypt Plus Pack

DriveCrypt Plus Pack 3.9

Offers AES 256 bit, full disk encryption and pre-boot authentication. Able to protect the entire computer including the operating system(OS), in real time. DCPP is the only one able to hide the entire OS, and also works with external USB-Token.
Price: $185.00, Rating: 10, Downloads: 17 Download

SecurWall 0.98

SecurWall is a personal desktop firewall designed to protect computers against malicious attacks, port scanning, viruses and other malicious software entities, making your PC invisible on the Internet and making your IP anonimous when surfing.
Price: $0, Rating: 10, Downloads: 37 Download

DriveCrypt 4.4

1344 Bit, Military strong, transparent Hard Disk encryption. DRIVECRYPT securely and easily protects all proprietary data on notebooks and desktop computers 100% of the time. It can also hide your date into music files.
Price: $59.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 18 Download

PhoneCrypt 1.4

PhoneCrypt is a telephone encryption software designed to combat eavesdropping and interception by providing Military Grade security for your confidential mobile phone conversations
Price: $0, Rating: 8.2, Downloads: 83 Download

ShareCrypt 2.1

ShareCrypt has been designed to effectively and transparently encrypt shared network drives or folders by allowingsimultaneous data access to different users and preventing unauthorized access from non-authorized people
Price: $59.13, Rating: 10, Downloads: 14 Download

DriveCryptPlusPack 1.0c

DCPP allows you to secure your disk(s) (including removable media) with a powerful and proven encryption algorithm (AES-256) at the sector level, ensuring that only authorized users may access it.
Price: $149.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 16 Download

PocketCrypt 2.0

Encryption for Pocket PCs PocketCrypt is a disk encryption software for PocketPC. It protects all sensitive information encrypting them with strong AES 256Bit keeping them safe, even if the device is stolen or lost.
Price: $40.79, Rating: 7, Downloads: 13 Download

SecurSurf 2.0

Powerful software that allows the user to get totally anonymous and at the same time protects the data exchange on the Internet.The software provides a direct encrypted link with one of the world wide SecurStar high bandwidth security proxy servers.
Price: $79.00, Rating: 7, Downloads: 39 Download
DriveCrypt Plus Pack

DriveCrypt Plus Pack 3.9

Full disk encryption, hidden operating system
Price: $ 185, Rating: 7, Downloads: 30 Download

SurfSolo 1.0

Software which creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our server
Price: $0, Rating: 8, Downloads: 13 Download