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Lux Delux

Lux Delux 6.1

Lux is an epic strategy game based on the board game Risk. It has hundreds of maps, easy network play, hard computer AI, and an active community. Fans of Risk will love it!
Price: $14, Rating: 10, Downloads: 31 Download
LuxAgent SDK

LuxAgent SDK 1.3

The LuxAgent SDK includes everything you need to create an AI for the RISK style strategy game Lux. It includes API documentation as well as the full source code to all the AIs that ship with Lux (released for non-profit use or under the GNU GPL).
Price: $0, Rating: 9.57, Downloads: 22 Download
LuxMapGenerator SDK

LuxMapGenerator SDK 1.0

Create your own random map generator for the RISK style strategy game Lux. This SDK comes with API documentation and examples. The language used is Java.
Price: $0, Rating: 9.95, Downloads: 43 Download