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DefenseWall 3.21

DefenseWall is the easiest way to protect yourself from malicious software when you surf the Internet! Using next generation proactive protection technologies, it creates the strong protection against all malware.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 9, Downloads: 31 Download

DefencePlus 2.0

DefencePlus is your preemptive line of defence against hackers, worms and spyware. It enables you to detect buffer overflow security threats to your computer and block them long before they reach mission-critical components of your system.
Price: $$39, Rating: 8, Downloads: 20 Download
Total Text Security

Total Text Security 1.0

Total Text Security can be used to secure any text (in an e-mail, instant message, or in a file). This application is easy-to-use, powerful, and usable with programs of any type. It can protect your data with passwords or RSA keys(as used by PGP).
Price: $$29.95, Rating: 6, Downloads: 31 Download
DefenseWall Personal Firewall

DefenseWall Personal Firewall 3.25

The world's first sandboxing-style personal firewall solution
Price: $39.95, Rating: 22.5, Downloads: 1 Download