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ColorCache 4.2

ColorCache is a powerful color picker, color scheme generator and palette management system. Select colors from your screen or use the built-in tools to create color schemes. Preview results in your own web pages or export in a variety of formats.
Price: $34.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 24 Download


LogMeister is a powerful solution to centrally monitor and analyze virtually any log your systems and applications can generate including Event Logs and text logs and RSS.
Price: $179.99, Rating: 6, Downloads: 29 Download


EventMeister is a powerful solution to centrally monitor and analyze Windows Event Logs. It will alert you to security issues and other critical events, facilitate archiving of log data and assist with analysis and meeting audit requirements.
Price: $129.99, Rating: 7, Downloads: 14 Download


Optimize your workflow with macros - the easy way! Automatically dismiss irritating dialogs, keep programs running smoothly, eliminate repetitive tasks.
Price: $39.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 29 Download

HTAccessible 1.0

Unless you work with .htaccess on a daily basis the chances are you haven't got the exact syntax rolling around in your head. HTAccessible provides a simple interface for putting together some of the most commonly used Apache directives.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 8 Download


Eliminate the frustrations of the old Windows Command Prompt with PromptPal - a modern command line tool. Compose your commands and view the results in a modern and helpful Windows application.
Price: $29.99, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 17 Download

ICFMeister 2.2

ICFMeister monitors the activities of Windows XP's built in Firewall
Price: $ 29.99, Rating: 7, Downloads: 38 Download

TextMeister 2.2

A generic text log viewer with powerful monitoring and event notification
Price: $ 69.99, Rating: 7, Downloads: 27 Download