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Skinny Clock

Skinny Clock 1.15 BETA 1

Skinny clock is a freeware utility allowing you to display current time on your desktop. You can customize taskbar clock as well.
Price: $, Rating: 8, Downloads: 29 Download
Easy Time

Easy Time 5.1

Easy Time is the diary with integrated alarm clock, time synchronization, skinnable clock and taskbar clock customization. Each alarm can be set using several schedules. It is possible to perform additional actions, when an alarm is raised.
Price: $25, Rating: 10, Downloads: 17 Download
Easy Notes

Easy Notes 5.08

Easy Notes let you to manage notes on your desktop, notes sorted in a tree structure, keep track of your tasks and use calendar in an intuitive way. Additionally, you can edit files with a plug-in extensible editor.
Price: $20, Rating: 6, Downloads: 10 Download