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Open Fitness - Mobile Edition

Open Fitness - Mobile Edition 1.1

Track your weightlifting workouts, cardio workouts, and body measurements on your PDA. Easily chart your strength or endurance progress for any weightlifting or cardio exercise with just a few clicks. Any number of users can be tracked.
Price: $25.00, Rating: 6, Downloads: 6 Download
Athlete Tracker

Athlete Tracker 1.0

Athlete Tracker is a powerful professional software for athletes, bodybuilders, personal trainers, and other fitness enthusiasts. The software allows you to track your progress in your resistance workouts, aerobic workouts, diet, weight etc.
Price: $39.95, Rating: 9, Downloads: 22 Download
Open Fitness

Open Fitness 2.0

Open Fitness tracks workouts, supplement usage, diet, measurements and more. Chart your progress for any of these. Share workouts and diets through email or through the Open Fitness Network. It's easy to use and designed to keep you motivated.
Price: $39.95, Rating: 8, Downloads: 17 Download
Personal Training Workstation

Personal Training Workstation 1.0

Personal Training Workstation - Mobile Edition allows you to track weightlifting workouts and aerobic workouts. Chart your progress for any exercise, right on your Palm Pilot! It's easy to use and designed to keep you motivated.
Price: $25.00, Rating: 9, Downloads: 13 Download