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Febooti Command line email

Febooti Command line email 4.0

Utility to send email from command prompt; send attached files, SSL encryption, plain text or HTML (with embedded pictures). Supported - TO, CC (Carbon Copy), BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), alternate text for HTML messages, text encoding
Price: $44.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 23 Download
Febooti ieZoom toolbar

Febooti ieZoom toolbar 1.5

IE toolbar - zoom Internet Explorer pages, zoom web sites. Auto fit print web pages with proper width and without cropped margins. Pick colors using html color names (x11, NS, web safe colors). Resize browser window using presets. Use skins.
Price: $34.95, Rating: 7, Downloads: 10 Download
Febooti fileTweak

Febooti fileTweak 3.0

Change file / folder date, time (timestamp) and attributes. Change JPG date. Expands Windows "property" tabs to display additional file properties. View file and folder content (copy file list to clipboard). View file and directory description.
Price: $24.95, Rating: 5, Downloads: 10 Download
febooti fileTweak Hex Editor

febooti fileTweak Hex Editor 3.7.0

Edit files either in hex or ascii mode in precise way to in order to preserve original layout of the file without shifting file contents. Integrated into windows properties pages Hex Editor is easily accessible and has intuitively obvious interface.
Price: $, Rating: 10, Downloads: 10 Download
febooti fileTweak Hash & CRC

febooti fileTweak Hash & CRC 3.7.0

Simple and easy to use file hash value calculator embedded into Windows properties pages and compatible with Febooti fileTweak module integration. Supports CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 and other most common hash algorithms.
Price: $, Rating: 6, Downloads: 9 Download
Febooti Automation Workshop

Febooti Automation Workshop 2.4.1

A comprehensive software solution that enables you to automate almost any task on your computer, as well as schedule recurring program executions
Price: $169.00, Rating: 9, Downloads: 1 Download