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Milliliter Converter

Milliliter Converter 1

Milliliter Converter is an easy way to visually convert between Milliliters and Cups. Use Milliliter Converter to help with your recipies. Conversions between the Metric and English system can be confusing, let Milliliter Converter help you.
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Gravity 1

Gravity has raised many unanswered questions throughout the ages. It is a force that we are all accustomed to in our daily lives - and yet how much of the subject do we really understand?
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Word List Creator

Word List Creator 2.3

Choose any size text file, and get a list of each case of every word used in the text. You can choose to get the list alphabetically, or by frequency of how many times each word is used in the text.
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Kilogram Converter

Kilogram Converter 1

Why the world has to have so many different ways to measure we may never know. But if you are one of those who really has to convert kilograms to pounds or pounds to kilograms, then Kilogram Converter is for you!
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Meter Converter

Meter Converter 1

Have you ever been frustrated trying to figure out how many feet are in a meter? Perhaps you have wondered why we need meters anyway? Worry no more. Meter Converter is here!
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Periodic Table Flash Cards

Periodic Table Flash Cards 1

Flashcards are a great way to learn facts fast. Periodic Table Flash Cards focuses on helping you learn the elements quickly.
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Space Man

Space Man 1

Beware of out of control satellites while you race to save the Universe in this arcade style game. The fate of everything rests soley upon your shoulders as you struggle to collect all planet like deceptoids before your own ship is demolished!
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Alphabet Flash Cards

Alphabet Flash Cards 1

Learning the alphabet can be confusing to toddlers. Alphabet Flash Cards helps parents teach the alphabet to their children by removing all unnecessary distractions and by focusing on the main task at hand. Help your child learn the alphabet today!
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Word List Maker

Word List Maker 1

Decompose and sort words into lists from the internet. Word List maker makes it trivial to compose word lists from internet sites. This creative utility is exceptionally useful for writers and teachers alike.
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Math Flash Cards

Math Flash Cards 1

Math Flash Cards is a great way for kids of all ages to learn math. Its simple to use, yet it allows for customized settings to meet your needs. Simply turn it on and learn as Math Flash Cards produces instant math problems. Try it for free!
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Binary Adder

Binary Adder 1

What does 101101 + 11011 equal? Or how about 11011011111 times 1101110111? If these questions spark interest, then Binary Adder is for you! Binary Adder not only adds binary numbers but allows you to subtract, multiply, and divide them as well.
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Fahrenheit Converter

Fahrenheit Converter 1

Fahrenheit Converter is a simple yet effective tool for converting between Fahrenheit and Celcius. It can be used for many situations that require quick temperature lookukps.
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