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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a thinner case, 5.7

After some time of waiting, Samsung presented this evening the third generation Galaxy Note phone range. As we are used to the strongest Samsung terminal of the year, new Galaxy Note 3 is lighter and thinner bringing a change of design too.

Posted on: 05 Sep 2013 07:02 by A. Brown

September 10 is an important day for Apple fans as it launches new phones

The usual iPhone update and its new lower cost version will most likely be presented on September 10, an event announced by Apple through invitations sent.

Posted on: 04 Sep 2013 12:08 by A. Brown

Starting today Microsoft is the owner of the Nokia mobile division

The presence of the ex-director of the Microsoft Business Division , Stephen Elop , on the position of CEO of Nokia and the strategy for the smartphone market based on Windows Phone strengthened the partnership between the two companies until today.

Posted on: 03 Sep 2013 08:51 by A. Brown

Modern UI fans will be able to use Firefox for this graphical environment starting with December

Promise of a special version of Mozilla Firefox browser that will integrate with the graphical environment of Windows 8 Modern UI begins to take shape.

Posted on: 19 Aug 2013 14:41 by A. Brown

Only two months remained until Windows 8.1 will is available

Interface changes brought by Windows 8 have not been received well by users, the new operating system reaching earlier this month a market share of only 5.4 percent.

Posted on: 15 Aug 2013 07:14 by A. Brown

Download new Mozilla Firefox 23 for increased security and more

As we are used at every six weeks, Mozilla released today the version 23 of Firefox browser. Novelties of the new version include a number of new security module and a smaller number of interface changes.

Posted on: 07 Aug 2013 07:13 by A. Brown

Unpacked , the new event announced by Samsung is preparing the launch of Galaxy Note III

Samsung invites members of the press on a new launch event, called \"Unpacked 2013 Episode 2\". The famous phrase \"note the date\" used by officials indicate a product launch Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Posted on: 06 Aug 2013 06:12 by A. Brown

Users require more applications from the GooglePlay than AppStore

Google has more requests for applications from users than Apple but this does not translate in higher earnings.

Posted on: 05 Aug 2013 07:27 by A. Brown

New Nexus 7 - the best resolution in the world tablet

One year after the launch of the popular tablet Nexus 7, Google officially announced yesterday the second generation of this product. Keeping the screen size, it is narrower, lighter and offers a significant hardware upgrade.

Posted on: 26 Jul 2013 09:49 by A. Brown

Ubuntu Edge Production can start once $ 32 million are raised

The Canonical hoped they will begin production of Ubuntu Edge in 2014 and this is conditioned by collecting fabulous sums of 32 million dollars in one month.

Posted on: 23 Jul 2013 12:51 by A. Brown