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  • Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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CryptDefence Publisher Review:

The most powerful tool for absolute protection of any digital information on PC.

CryptDefence is the most powerful tool that guarantees an absolute protection of any digital information on PCs. CryptDefence data encryption method uses an entirely new original symmetric cryptographic algorithm MCD that completely disproves the Vernam theory which states, that absolute protection of the information is possible only in case of the length of a key equals the length of an information.

CryptDefence and MCD algorithm provides:

Unlimited length of key
Multiple repeated encryption
Multiple lines key
Utilizes any type of files as a key
Safest method of data storage
High speed of encryption/decryption

MCD algorithm makes impossibility to detect the length of the key and decryption by means of the methods of cryptanalysis. It is corresponds to all requirements presented to cryptographic systems.

Cryptographic durability of MCD algorithm, which is used in CryptDefence to protect the information, is practically impossible to intrude.

CryptDefence uses the safest method of data storage, different from containers and archives, which in case of disk failure or change of mere one byte result in a loss of thousands of files placed in them. Method uses to store the files, excludes the possibility of loss of the entire information in c that CryptDefencase of damage. In the worst case user can loose only the file in which the byte changes took place.

CryptDefence will allow you keep your private data in unbreakable encrypted form on the disk and provide you with the transparent access to it from any application program.

CryptDefence is easy-to-use and totally transparent for application programs. Using CryptDefence you can be absolutely sure that nobody will ever have an access to your personal, commercial and confidential information. With a help of CryptDefence you can keep your private data in the unbreakable encrypted form on the disk and provide you with the transparent access to it from any application program.

Operating system:
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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