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G-Lock EasyMail Publisher Review:

G-Lock EasyMail is the most effective and economical way to do permission-based email marketing, create and send opt-in email newsletters in minutes! You can maintain your in-house mailing list without using any third party autoresponder.

G-Lock EasyMail is a professional bulk email sender software for targeted email lists building and bulk email campaigns creating at your own computer. You can easily manage opt-in mailing lists for your subscribers, create personalized messages such as HTML newsletters, e-magazines, account statements, reports, statistics, bills to your customers and send them with G-Lock EasyMail in just minutes.

You can maintain your in-house mailing list without using any third party autoresponder list management service and so you don't need to pay any monthly fee. You can store your list safe and secure either on your computer, or in a remote database.

Using this bulk email program you can import your mailing list into the internal program database, or connect from G-Lock EasyMail to a remote database with your subscribers. G-Lock EasyMail can connect to any ODBC compatible database.

G-Lock EasyMail is the most effective and economical way to do permission-based email marketing, create and send opt-in email newsletters in minutes!

G-Lock EasyMail provides you with a flexible sending engine. You can choose any of 4 delivery options that suits your marketing needs better: direct send mode, sending mode via SMTP server, IIS SMTP Service Pickup, or save email message to the folder.

G-Lock EasyMail is integrated with G-Lock Analytics - email tracking service - that helps you clearly understand what is happening to your emails after they are sent. Email tracking metrics such as email opens, clicks, and click-throughs are saved to your account on G-Lock Analytics. You can also track the email addresses of the recipients who opened your email and who clicked on the links in your message.
Whats new in version

• Added: automatic backup feature in the "Manage Server" settings. Now you can manually create the EasyMail7 Server backup at any time or turn the automatic backup creation option to On and let the program create backup at a regular basis without your participation
• You can choose a local or network folder to save a copy of the backup file to. The folder must be located on the computer where the EasyMail7 Server is installed. You can also save backup to a cloud file storage folder such as OneDrive, DropBox etc
• Added: “To email” field in the “Send Test Email” window that allows to send a test message to one or several email addresses separated by commas or semicolons.
• Added: ability to check the email spam score. We built in the SpamAssassin filter that uses a diverse range of tests to identify spam. The filter analyzes the email header and body to determine its spam score. So, you can check your email spam score before sending it to the group to ensure it will pass through anti-spam fil...

Computer: Pentium III or higher; Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher; Memory: 512 MB; Disk Space: 30 MB.
Operating system:
Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2008 / Server 2012 / 10
Sends only 200 emails to one group.
Release notes:
Minor Update

Other version information:

Software Version Release date File size
G-Lock EasyMail6.712011-12-303223 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.0.5 Build2014-02-0625395 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.1.0.3002014-06-0630412 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.3.0.4002014-08-1436044 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.6.0.5902014-12-0337958451.2 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.6.1.6102014-12-1037958451.2 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.7.7.7702015-04-2442047897.6 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.8.1.8102015-06-2642152755.2 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.9.5.9402016-01-0644774195.2 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.15.1.10102016-06-1538692454.4 KB
G-Lock EasyMail7.20.1.10502016-08-0339741030.4 KB

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