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  • Version: 17.6.57
  • File size: 11469 MB
  • File name: Manager.msi
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  • Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • License: Freeware
  • Company: NGSoftware Pty Ltd (View more)

Manager Publisher Review:

A comprehensive and practical piece of software that allows you to create a complete database with the transactions of your company

Manager is free accounting software for small business. It allows you to customise your accounting software to match your unique business needs.

Manager will adjust to you. Not the other way around. Easily turn on or turn off modules and reports based on your current business needs. Extend functionality as your business evolves.

Manager has all the modules you need to run your business such as Bank Accounts, Cash Accounts, Expense Claims, Customers, Sales Quotes, Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Delivery Notes, Suppliers, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Inventory Items, Billable Time, Fixed Assets, Tax Codes, Capital Accounts and Tracking Codes.

You can also print Customer Statements, Remittance Advices, Aged Receivables & Payables reports and many more.

And of course, Manager also has all the basics such as Chart of Accounts, Journal Entries, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance.

Whats new in version 17.6.57:
• Comparative Financial Statements
• Now you can prepare comparative versions of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity and Trial Balance so they show multiple periods side-by-side. We also made sure all figures on these reports are clickable so you can easily review transactions that made up total for any amount Line Reordering on Invoices, Quotes and Orders:
• When you are preparing new invoice, quote or order, you can now easily drag & drop individual line items to sort them the way you like it Enhanced Chart of Accounts:
• We\'ve added support for optional account codes, ability to see all transactions posted into any account, find & merge feature to easily merge duplicate accounts and ability to rename any account (yes, including control accounts) Plus 40 other enhancements and bug fixes:
• Improved bank statement import, improved transaction descriptions on general ledger level, added clickability to almost all reports, added support for cu...

Operating system:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Other version information:

Software Version Release date File size
Manager14.3.402014-03-311822 KB
Manager14.4.172014-04-161822 KB
Manager14.4.512014-05-081792 KB
Manager14.5.252014-05-161822 KB
Manager14.5.272014-05-201832 KB
Manager14.6.112014-06-121884 KB
Manager14.7.182014-07-171914 KB
Manager14.7.212014-07-221914 KB
Manager14.7.652014-08-041945 KB
Manager14.8.462014-09-051976 KB
Manager14.9.92014-09-171996 KB
Manager14.11.12014-11-032097152 KB
Manager14.12.332014-12-182306867.2 KB
Manager15.0.92015-01-192306867.2 KB
Manager15.0.142015-01-272306867.2 KB
Manager15.0.432015-03-022411724.8 KB
Manager15.0.802015-03-032411724.8 KB
Manager15.1.42015-03-112411724.8 KB
Manager15.1.82015-03-162411724.8 KB
Manager15.1.312015-03-272411724.8 KB
Manager15.1.442015-04-062411724.8 KB
Manager15.1.802015-04-272411724.8 KB
Manager15.1.852015-05-042411724.8 KB
Manager15.1.872015-05-112411724.8 KB
Manager15.1.932015-05-192411724.8 KB
Manager15.2.02015-05-273670016 KB
Manager15.2.42015-06-053670016 KB
Manager15.2.52015-06-083670016 KB
Manager15.2.232015-06-183774873.6 KB
Manager15.2.342015-06-223774873.6 KB
Manager15.2.432015-06-263774873.6 KB
Manager15.4.432015-08-132621440 KB
Manager15.4.532015-08-172621440 KB
Manager15.5.142015-09-032621440 KB
Manager15.5.262015-09-072621440 KB
Manager15.5.682015-10-012621440 KB
Manager15.5.792015-10-152621440 KB
Manager16.1.122016-01-112726297.6 KB
Manager16.1.182016-01-182726297.6 KB
Manager16.1.342016-01-212726297.6 KB
Manager16.1.602016-01-272831155.2 KB
Manager16.1.732016-02-012831155.2 KB
Manager16.2.752016-03-072831155.2 KB
Manager16.3.82016-03-252831155.2 KB
Manager16.3.372016-03-302831155.2 KB
Manager16.4.242016-05-052936012.8 KB
Manager16.4.642016-05-133145728 KB
Manager16.5.132016-06-033145728 KB
Manager16.5.342016-06-143145728 KB
Manager16.7.92016-07-113145728 KB
Manager16.7.712016-07-293145728 KB
Manager16.7.932016-08-013145728 KB
Manager16.8.432016-09-013145728 KB
Manager16.9.772016-09-293145728 KB
Manager16.9.952016-10-033145728 KB
Manager16.10.132016-10-119122611.2 KB
Manager16.10.562016-10-2010171187.2 KB
Manager16.10.862016-10-2710380902.4 KB
Manager16.10.912016-10-3110380902.4 KB
Manager16.10.932016-11-0210380902.4 KB
Manager16.11.152016-11-0410485760 KB
Manager16.11.312016-11-0810695475.2 KB
Manager16.11.362016-11-0910695475.2 KB
Manager16.11.412016-11-1010695475.2 KB
Manager16.11.432016-11-1110695475.2 KB
Manager16.11.562016-11-1410695475.2 KB
Manager16.11.682016-11-1610695475.2 KB
Manager16.12.152016-12-0611219763.2 KB
Manager16.12.182016-12-0711219763.2 KB
Manager16.12.212016-12-0811324620.8 KB
Manager16.12.452017-01-0312163481.6 KB
Manager16.12.462017-01-0312163481.6 KB
Manager16.12.482017-01-0512163481.6 KB
Manager16.12.532017-01-1312163481.6 KB
Manager17.1.162017-01-3111324620.8 KB
Manager17.1.232017-02-0711639193.6 KB
Manager17.1.332017-02-0911639193.6 KB
Manager17.1.382017-02-1311639193.6 KB
Manager17.1.402017-02-1411639193.6 KB
Manager17.1.512017-02-2411639193.6 KB
Manager17.1.732017-03-0711639193.6 KB
Manager17.1.742017-03-0911639193.6 KB
Manager17.1.752017-03-1011639193.6 KB
Manager17.3.12017-03-2411744051.2 KB
Manager17.3.42017-03-2711744051.2 KB
Manager17.3.162017-03-3011744051.2 KB
Manager17.3.192017-03-3111744051.2 KB
Manager17.4.92017-04-0511744051.2 KB
Manager17.4.172017-04-0611744051.2 KB
Manager17.4.182017-04-0611744051.2 KB
Manager17.4.592017-05-0411848908.8 KB
Manager17.4.612017-05-0511848908.8 KB
Manager17.4.622017-05-1011848908.8 KB
Manager17.4.642017-05-1111848908.8 KB
Manager17.4.712017-05-1511744051.2 KB
Manager17.4.722017-05-1611744051.2 KB
Manager17.6.132017-06-1411744051.2 KB
Manager17.6.152017-06-1411744051.2 KB
Manager17.6.192017-06-1611744051.2 KB

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