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  • Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 10 64 bit
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Orphalese Tarot Publisher Review:

Orphalese Tarot is an easy-to-use but very realistic Tarot simulation

Orphalese Tarot is a software program that simulates the Tarot. It behaves more like a deck of cards; unlike other tarot programs where the cards are stuck in the program's rectangular window, you can move our cards around the screen, fan them out, shuffle, sort and deal them, all with a few simple mouse clicks.

The program is more customizable in terms of its appearance. You can use any deck, the cards can be any size or shape, and there can be any number of cards in the deck. If you want to load up a background you can choose either a uniform colour or a background image.

The program encourages creativity. It makes it easy for you to create your own decks, spreads and other accessories, and then to share them with other users through its virbrant online community.

Whats new in version

• makes navigation among the result pages easier, and also gives visual feedback about which shared decks are more easily obtainable.
• it also has a modified installation routine which should fix the problem of the install sometimes asking for a non-existent user name and password.

Operating system:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 10 64 bit

Other version information:

Software Version Release date File size
Orphalese Tarot9.3.132014-03-31424 KB
Orphalese Tarot9.4.1.42015-08-13434176 KB
Orphalese Tarot9.4.1.52015-08-17434176 KB
Orphalese Tarot9.4.2.12016-05-05432128 KB
Orphalese Tarot10.0.1.12016-08-03432128 KB
Orphalese Tarot10.0.2.82016-09-02432128 KB
Orphalese Tarot10.0.3.42016-11-14432128 KB
Orphalese Tarot10.1.2.12016-12-09432128 KB
Orphalese Tarot10.1.3.12017-02-14432128 KB

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