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SHOUTcast DNAS Publisher Review:

SHOUTcast Server aims to provide all the necessary tools to help you have your own radio up and running in no time

Creating an online radio station is not an easy job but there are a few utilities that you can use to start broadcasting your preferred tunes in a couple of minutes. Among them, SHOUTcast Server aims to provide all the necessary tools to help you have your own radio up and running in no time.

SHOUTcast Server allows you to set up an online or a local network radio station which can be later accessed and controlled with the SHOUTcast plug-in from Winamp.

To speed things up, you can go for the 'Configuration Builder' which is included in the package and use it in either 'Basic' or 'Advanced' mode. The first one helps you configure a basic server and transcoder that broadcast the song from a playlist you choose. SHOUTcast Server also supports calendar events and live capture as well, but these can only be found in the 'Advanced' mode.

All the modifications you make to a certain configuration can be backed up and restore whenever needed and SHOUTcast Configuration Builder even has a 'Reset' button you can press if you wish to go to the default state.

A good thing in case you get stuck configuring the server is that you can access the offline documentation easily. It presents in detail the steps for creating the server and should clear up any questions you may have.

All things considered, SHOUTcast Server has what it takes to satisfy the needs and expectations of all users. The configuration can take only a few minutes if you've done it before and in case you are a novice, the accompanying documents should get you on your way.

Whats new in version

• Added support for the Radionomy advert and metrics platforms so you can earn money from overlaying some adverts on the stream and / or leveraging the online broadcasting tools from Radionomy (this is an opt-in feature and requires a Radionomy account - it does not prevent you using the DNAS like before)
• Added \'publicip\' to be used to specify a DNS / IP value to use for what the YP will see as your server address when \'destip\' is used for binding against a non-public value e.g. anything in the loopback address range (see documentation for usage)
• Added \'alternateports\' which can be used to allow for client only connections on port(s) other than \'portbase\' e.g. to deal with firewalls blocking client access on some networks
• Added \'disableicy\' to the options handled by the configuration reload action
• Added \'rotateinterval\' to allow for changing the time between automatic log rotations (default is 24 hours) and can be set to 0 to disable log rotation completely
• Added ba...

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Windows All

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SHOUTcast DNAS2.0.0.292012-06-01507 KB
SHOUTcast DNAS2.4.0.1472014-09-112314 KB
SHOUTcast DNAS2.4.7.2562015-04-062202009.6 KB

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