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  • Version: 2017 17.2
  • File size: 26726 MB
  • File name: thankyou.html
  • Last update:
  • Platform: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • License: Demo
  • Price:$29.95
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WinCatalog Publisher Review:

A Program for Cataloging Disks, Folders, Files, Books, CDs and more.

With WinCatalog, you can: Catalog all your files - on your PC and on removable media, and keep the catalogs on hand so you can find what you need wherever it is. Easily find, extract and keep complete information about your files, including MP3 tags, ZIP and archive file contents, and even audio CD track names from the Internet. Catalog your "real" books, home inventory, CDs, DVDs and collections in addition to your online ones.

Whats new in version 2017 17.2:

• The search feature has been completely redesigned in that update. Now WinCatalog uses search filter values as additional conditions when it searches in the database, instead of applying them after the search is complete.
• The new feature makes search results more accurate and relevant.
• The other improvement gives an ability to change root path for a catalogued drive or a folder. This feature may be helpful in cases when you move your files from one drive to another, or reorganize your physical folder structure within a drive.

Operating system:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Other version information:

Software Version Release date File size
WinCatalog2.52008-09-031863.68 KB
WinCatalog2014 6.02014-03-068396 KB
WinCatalog2014 8.022014-07-038427 KB
WinCatalog2015 13.52015-02-278912896 KB
WinCatalog2015 142015-04-088912896 KB
WinCatalog2015 14.52015-05-199017753.6 KB
WinCatalog2015 15.022015-05-299017753.6 KB
WinCatalog2015 15.12015-06-249017753.6 KB
WinCatalog2015 15.32015-09-049122611.2 KB
WinCatalog2015 15.52016-01-119332326.4 KB
WinCatalog2016 16.02016-03-2526004684.8 KB
WinCatalog2016 16.12016-05-2726004684.8 KB
WinCatalog2016 16.212016-10-1726004684.8 KB
WinCatalog2016 16.32016-12-0626319257.6 KB
WinCatalog2016 16.412017-01-0326004684.8 KB
WinCatalog2016 16.52017-02-1427367833.6 KB
WinCatalog2017 172017-02-2427472691.2 KB
WinCatalog2017 17.022017-03-2727367833.6 KB
WinCatalog2017 17.042017-03-2927472691.2 KB
WinCatalog2017 17.052017-04-0727472691.2 KB

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