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GPU Caps Viewer

GPU Caps Viewer

Graphics card information utility.
Price: $0, Rating: 7, Downloads: 39 Download
K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool

K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool 6.1.8

This is a stand-alone version of the tool that is included in the K-Lite Codec Pack.
Price: $0, Rating: 18, Downloads: 1 Download


Software to improve performance from compatible SAPPHIRE graphics cards
Price: $0, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 1 Download
MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner displays options that are modeled with overclocking.
Price: $0, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 1 Download


QuickGamma is a small utility program to calibrate a monitor on the fly without having to
Price: $0, Rating: 18, Downloads: 1 Download

Digital-FLEM 1.0 Release 1

A solution to quickly and easily modify the latest AMD drivers to enable them to be instal
Price: $0, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 1 Download
Gamma Control

Gamma Control

With Gamma Control you can adjust the gamma on your computer.
Price: $0, Rating: 13.5, Downloads: 1 Download
Game Player 7.0.250

Game Player 7.0.250 7.0.250

Game Menager "Player"
Price: $0, Rating: 5, Downloads: 11 Download

Spriteworks 1.0

Spriteworks v1.0 is a 100% original sprite/graphics library.
Price: $19.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 11 Download
Game Storehouse

Game Storehouse 1.1

Play,Manage a lots of interesting flash game quikly and expediently.
Price: $29.50, Rating: 6, Downloads: 12 Download


Muvixer allows you to select the recording device you always want to have set.
Price: $0, Rating: 10, Downloads: 12 Download
12Ghosts Clip

12Ghosts Clip 9.70

Easily create pictures of what you see on the screen, active window, menu.
Price: $8.95, Rating: 5, Downloads: 12 Download
Cash Printer

Cash Printer 2.22.0272

Print your own money for playing and learning!
Price: $17.95, Rating: 8, Downloads: 12 Download
Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine 1.2

Diamond Mine!Catch some gem-matching fun with this supercharged Windows version
Price: $19.19, Rating: 10, Downloads: 13 Download
Chess Game Notation File Converter

Chess Game Notation File Converter 1.0

Convert Chess Notation (PGN Files) from a language to another
Price: $0, Rating: 5, Downloads: 14 Download

TurnAbout 1.0

TurnAbout is a free Internet multiplayer Arcadia game creator
Price: $, Rating: 5, Downloads: 14 Download
FPS Creator Early Adopter Demo

FPS Creator Early Adopter Demo 1.0

Make your own action packed FPS games without any programming knowledge.
Price: $56, Rating: 7, Downloads: 14 Download

DiagTransfer 3.0.1

A free positions Chess editor tool with semi-transparent window copy mode.
Price: $, Rating: 9, Downloads: 15 Download


Ever needed a print out of the stuff you just put on a CD?
Price: $10.00, Rating: 8, Downloads: 15 Download
Quick Memory Editor

Quick Memory Editor 4.2

powerful game cheating tool that can modify game data in memory easily
Price: $19.95, Rating: 7, Downloads: 16 Download
SC Free Audio Extractor

SC Free Audio Extractor

Extract (mp3,wav,ogg,wma)audio from (avi,mpeg,wmv,asf)video.
Price: $00.00, Rating: 5, Downloads: 17 Download
CheatBook-DataBase 2001

CheatBook-DataBase 2001 4.0

Compilation of Cheats for over 3850 Pc-Games
Price: $0.00, Rating: 5, Downloads: 18 Download


Price: $Free, Rating: 6, Downloads: 19 Download
SesamTV Media Center

SesamTV Media Center 2.2

Free Media Center to enjoy all your PC medias on the TV set.
Price: $0, Rating: 2, Downloads: 19 Download
Easy Web Buttons

Easy Web Buttons 3.02

Point and click your way to great looking glass or plastic 3D web buttons.
Price: $19.99, Rating: 3, Downloads: 21 Download

gameDentity 1.00

Never lose a game save again! Profile, catalogue, backup, move and share data!
Price: $17.45, Rating: 8, Downloads: 21 Download

GameShell 3.28

The new version of a game shell LoG for customization of logical games.
Price: $0, Rating: 7, Downloads: 22 Download
CheatBook Issue 09/2004

CheatBook Issue 09/2004 09/2004

CheatBook 09/2004 - Update for September
Price: $0.00, Rating: 5, Downloads: 22 Download
Thanksgiving Shoot-out Screensaver

Thanksgiving Shoot-out Screensaver 2.8

Thanksgiving Screen Saver
Price: $0, Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 23 Download
Total Game Control

Total Game Control 3.7

Map game keys to any gamepad/joystick. Works with XBox, PS, and PS2 pads!
Price: $19.95, Rating: 2.5, Downloads: 24 Download
Race War Kingdoms Proxy Clicker

Race War Kingdoms Proxy Clicker 1.0

Automated Proxy Clicker for the online RPG, Race War Kingdoms
Price: $0, Rating: 8.33, Downloads: 26 Download
How to make Modifications for Games

How to make Modifications for Games 1.001

Learn the basics on Modifying video games in one handy offline package
Price: $0, Rating: 8, Downloads: 27 Download
Game Editor

Game Editor 1.4.0

Game Editor makes creating games quick and simple.
Price: $0, Rating: 7, Downloads: 27 Download
CheatBook-DataBase 2007

CheatBook-DataBase 2007 1.0

Compilation of Cheats for over 11900 Games for PC-Games and Console.
Price: $0.00, Rating: 10, Downloads: 29 Download
Game Copy

Game Copy

Copies and/or emulates all major game copy protections.
Price: $39.90, Rating: 10, Downloads: 30 Download
CheatBook Issue 12/2005

CheatBook Issue 12/2005 12/2005

CheatBook 12/2005 - Update for December
Price: $0.00, Rating: 7, Downloads: 31 Download
SomeObject Desktop

SomeObject Desktop 0.95

3D hardware accelerated desktop widgets and games
Price: $29, Rating: 7, Downloads: 31 Download
BLZ Extractor

BLZ Extractor

BLZ Extractor is a tool for extracting Nokia N-Gage game containers (blz files).
Price: $8.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 31 Download
CheatBook Issue 11/2005

CheatBook Issue 11/2005 11/2005

CheatBook 11/2005 - Update for November
Price: $0.00, Rating: 9, Downloads: 32 Download

FastCapPro 2.0.1

FastCapPro record game video, screen capture, show fps, game benchmark software.
Price: $35, Rating: 5, Downloads: 33 Download

ArtMoney 7.37.1

Free Universal Game Cheater for All games.
Price: $0.00, Rating: 9.53, Downloads: 38 Download
Game Jackal Pro

Game Jackal Pro 2.7

easier and safer way to go CD free gaming!
Price: $17.95, Rating: 1, Downloads: 40 Download
Asoftech Speeder

Asoftech Speeder 2.15

Award winning software to change games speed and Windows speed
Price: $19.95, Rating: 6, Downloads: 51 Download
CheatBook Issue 08/2005

CheatBook Issue 08/2005 08/2005

CheatBook 08/2005 - Update for August
Price: $0.00, Rating: 5.5, Downloads: 60 Download

SpeederXP 2.63

SpeederXP is a powerful PC speed hack tool.
Price: $29.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 110 Download
Game Overlay

Game Overlay 1.0.7

Game Overlay allows you to multi-task while playing a full-screen game!
Price: $24.95, Rating: 9, Downloads: 27 Download

SpriteCraft 3.x

Easy to use sprite game engine for shareware/freeware game developers
Price: $0, Rating: 10, Downloads: 9 Download
Crawler Fun Ball

Crawler Fun Ball 4.5

Play & relax with Fun Ball on your desktop, throw it up or aside, it jumps back!
Price: $0, Rating: 5, Downloads: 36 Download
ASL Logbook

ASL Logbook 3.1

ASL Logbook is a database program for the Advanced Squad Leader game system
Price: $19.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 19 Download
IBA Bingo Card Maker

IBA Bingo Card Maker 1.16.10

Allows you to create bingo cards that you can print on your printer.
Price: $37.50, Rating: 9, Downloads: 12 Download
Picture Collage Maker Free

Picture Collage Maker Free 2.1.0

Create photo collages from your digital images.
Price: $0.00, Rating: 9, Downloads: 75 Download
InstantFX SE Flash Slide Puzzle Maker

InstantFX SE Flash Slide Puzzle Maker 1.0

Create Flash slide puzzle games from JPEG img
Price: $ 9.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 71 Download

RuitLeaguer 1.0

Statistics manager for Beer Pong and Beirut.
Price: $ 19.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 31 Download
Card Companion - LotR Edition

Card Companion - LotR Edition 1.5

Easily manage your LotR TCG/CCG collection
Price: $ 10, Rating: 9, Downloads: 43 Download
Darts CLUB

Darts CLUB

Remove calculations from darts games. Get more fun with Darts CLUB!
Price: $ 29, Rating: 9, Downloads: 36 Download

WordLexica 1.0

Scrabble? word training program
Price: $ 15, Rating: 7, Downloads: 29 Download
MarkelSoft FlashgameZ

MarkelSoft FlashgameZ 1.21

For Game lovers. Easily find and organize Flash Games found on the Internet and your local
Price: $ 29.95, Rating: 10, Downloads: 33 Download
Backup Stronghold

Backup Stronghold 1.0

Backup Stronghold
Price: $ 9.95, Rating: 7, Downloads: 24 Download
Playa!TraX Gaming Media Player

Playa!TraX Gaming Media Player 1.90

Remote control, application associated Player
Price: $0, Rating: 9, Downloads: 29 Download
DefendGate Game Accelerator

DefendGate Game Accelerator 3.3

Game Accelerator eliminates system bugs and performance issues.
Price: $ 15.99, Rating: 10, Downloads: 48 Download