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  • Version: Beta
  • File size: 7373 MB
  • File name: download.php
  • Last update:
  • Platform: Windows All
  • Language: English, Byelorussian, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French,
  • License: Updater
  • Expire: 30
  • Company: RITLABS S.R.L. (View more)

The Bat! Updater Publisher Review:

Powerful, highly configurable email client with multiple accounts. It has everything you expect plus many more useful features for professionals and newcomers, for the home or the office.

The Bat! is a powerful, highly configurable, yet easy to use, email client for the casual user or the power user, the home or the office. Unlimited multiple accounts and multiple users Familiar Explorer-style folders for organizing messages Easily configurable user interface with message preview option Process email in the background for all accounts simultaneously Built-in HTML email viewer and message editor with spell-as-you-go Fully customizable message templates for maximum flexibility Powerful filtering for automated message handling Sophisticated address book for storing all personal information Unique Mail Ticker? for email notification Mail Dispatcher for managing email on remote servers Multi-lingual interface supporting 15 languages on the fly Support for S/MIME and all PGP versions from 2.6x through 6.5 Import message bases from all major email clients Many more features for managing email quickly and easily...

Whats new in version Beta:
• Support of IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) in email addresses.
• The Bat! version 6, unlike previous versions, is a fully-Unicode application. This gives advantages to the users that work with multiple languages simultaneously. While previous versions worked mostly well with multiple languages in file names, subject lines, etc., there were places that a language different that Windows-default language “for non-Unicode programs” might not work well in The Bat!.
• There will be 64-bit version of thebat.exe also available alongside 32-bit version.
• There is a new sorting office option – extract files by masks.

Runs on any Windows PC The Bat! has very few system requirements. It runs on any Windows PC platform with at least 800x600 screen resolution and 256 color display. There are no minimum requirements on memory size or CPU speed.
Operating system:
Windows All
Release notes:
Major Update

Other version information:

Software Version Release date File size
The Bat! Ho2008-02-142511 KB
The Bat! KB
The Bat! KB
The Bat! KB
The Bat! Alp2013-09-064976 KB
The Bat! Alp2013-10-016901 KB
The Bat! Be2016-02-088178892.8 KB
The Bat! Be2016-03-158178892.8 KB
The Bat! Be2016-03-248178892.8 KB
The Bat! Be2016-04-088178892.8 KB
The Bat! Be2016-04-148178892.8 KB
The Bat! Be2016-04-268178892.8 KB
The Bat! Be2016-05-138178892.8 KB
The Bat! B2016-06-178178892.8 KB
The Bat! B2016-06-298178892.8 KB
The Bat! B2016-06-308178892.8 KB
The Bat! Bet2016-08-018283750.4 KB
The Bat! Bet2016-09-168283750.4 KB
The Bat! Bet2016-10-058178892.8 KB
The Bat! Bet2016-10-068283750.4 KB
The Bat! Bet2016-10-118283750.4 KB
The Bat! Be2016-10-178283750.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.3.12.52016-11-018283750.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.3.12.62016-11-048283750.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.3.12.82016-11-078283750.4 KB
The Bat! Be2016-11-118283750.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.3.12.92016-11-148283750.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.3.12.102016-11-168283750.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.3.12.202016-11-287235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.3.12.272016-12-067235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.3.12.282016-12-077235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.2.4 Chr2017-01-037235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.2.5 Chr2017-01-067340032 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.2.8 Chr2017-01-097340032 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.2.9 Chr2017-01-137340032 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.4.72017-01-307235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.4.82017-02-017235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.4.102017-02-077235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.4.122017-02-097235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.8.12017-02-137235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.8.32017-02-147235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.16.12017-03-277235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.16.22017-04-077235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.16.72017-05-057340032 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.16.82017-05-107235174.4 KB
The Bat! BETA7.4.16.92017-05-127235174.4 KB

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